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Construction law is a fast paced, high stakes, and complex legal arena. Steven A. Berkowitz and Associates bring years of experience and knowledge into all aspects of the process as they have represented owners, operators, developers, contractors, vendors, governments, government agencies, utilities, consultants, insurers, and financial institutions. Being able to understand each stage of a project’s life cycle has allowed Steven A. Berkowitz and Associates to provide sophisticated advice in a timely and cost-effective manner.

We serve our clients in a range of services:

Contracts Formation/Specifications/Drawings

  • Develop contract documents that specifically allocate the risk and responsibility for proper performance
  • Tailoring construction design documents to meet specific client needs by utilizing our considerable experience and knowledge
  • We handle everything from extensive customized forms to standardized industry and government forms (including contracts of the American Institute of Architects (AIA), Consensus DOCS, the Engineers Joint Contracts Documents Committee (EJCDC) and the Construction Management Association of America (CMAA)
  • We have the ability to develop the most appropriate contract forms for any project or task

Change Order Disputes

  • Construction projects possess unique combinations of design details, materials, and labor. It is usually not a matter of “if” they will occur, but “when” as change orders are a normal part of construction projects. Being prepared for change and anticipated the unexpected is essential to any project.
  • We have dealt with a range of change in specifications (ranging from defective, copied, expired, impractical or generic specifications)
  • We deal with aggressive contractors threatening work stoppages to overbearing owners making unreasonable claims.
  • Many contracts fail to anticipate unexpected issues that commonly arise
  • At Steven A. Berkowitz and associates we know how to navigate these changes to make sure that something as simple as a changing the route of a surface drain does not turn into a project stopper.

Bidding & Procurement

We have extensive experience in competitive bidding matters, in both the public and private sectors. We represent public owners, contractors, subcontractors, engineers, architects, suppliers, and sureties in the bidding and procurement process. We handle a full range of services in connection with government contracting at the local, state and federal levels. We deal extensively with:

  • Bid protests and award disputes
  • Bid withdrawals and reformations
  • Bidder qualifications
  • Compliance matters
  • Preparation of bid documents and specifications
  • Plus much more

Demands for equitable adjustments

Termination challenges

Construction and Design Defects and failures

  • We handle the prosecution or defense of claims to remedy structural deficiencies, substandard and inefficient materials, and code violations and/or damage

Delays, Inefficiencies and Loss of Productivity

  • Resolving disputes over project delays, schedule changes, change orders, or surety issues in both arbitration and litigation
  • Handling material delivery problems and allegations of defective pricing or false claims

Differing Site Conditions

Slab and Structural Settlement

Multi-Prime Disputes

Labor, Material and Performance Bonds

  • We aggressively pursue the enforcement of the rights of our clients, whether they are unpaid contractors or suppliers


  • We proactively respond to safety violations, citations, or proceedings in order to minimize the expense and disruption

With our broad range of experience, knowledge, and mechanical engineering background, clients do not have to worry about wasting time and money educating use about their issues. At Steven A. Berkowitz and Associates, we are conversant in the terminology and current legal trends, allowing us to quickly understand your problem and develop a solution.

Steven A. Berkowitz and Associates P.C. handles construction law cases in the New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania areas.

The New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania Construction Attorneys at Steven A. Berkowitz & Associates, P.C. focus exclusively on meeting the legal needs of contractors, architects, engineers and owners in the construction industry. We help clients with the bidding process, claims, contract formation, construction litigation, and labor issues in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. To discuss your case, call (856) 350-6060 today or fill out our free case review form.

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